“Our Monsters” summary and cover revealed


I’m getting closer to putting up for sale my first novel. Well, not my first novel, not really. To date, I have five other novels in a foot locker somewhere. However, this is the first novel I’ve felt good enough about, that I believed in enough to reveal to the world. Anyway…

Next month “Our Monsters” will be on sale at Amazon and B&N, it may be in print through LuLu as well. We’ll see about the latter, I’m looking into the option.

Here is the cover:

Cover to the novel “Our Monsters”

Now. You’re probably wondering what the heck “Our Monsters” is about, especially after reading the short story “Merit Badges”. Wonder no longer! Here is a brief description, enjoy!:




High school is tough for every teenager. The last thing any teenage boy or girl needs to worry about is walking and feeding their monster after cheerleading or football prac—


Did someone just say… “monster”?

In the military occupied, sleepy town of Carpenter, the mention of the word “monster” is going to be a little less laughable and is about to explode to frightening levels. On a routine fieldtrip, five Carpenter high schoolers have uncovered the secret the military brought their parents to Carpenter to create. A top secret, genetically engineered species the US Army has codenamed the Hybrids—a cross-breed species possessing the combined DNA of Earth animals with something demonic and horrifying from the Army’s recent past.

Feeling empathy for the poor caged creatures, the five friends liberate and adopted the monsters, vowing to keep them from harm. Quickly the monsters begin to develop unique powers only read about in science fiction and comic books. The teens attempt to keep the monsters a secret, hiding each from their parents. But before long a betrayal will shatter the bonds and friendships of the five and their strange creatures.

To keep their promise, the teens will band together to prevent the Carpenter military from reclaiming monsters and subjecting each to inhuman experiments. Mysterious shared powers the teens begin to exhibit will offer aid. Friendship will save the day.

Just another chaotic day in high school… yeah, right!

OUR MONSTERS is a novel that will bring readers a sense of wonder and adventure in a grownup world, where a teenager’s greatest weapons are loyalty, love and most importantly friendship.

So… what do you think!? If you’re excited about the book sound off in the Comments section below or on Facebook or through Twitter. Tell you’re friends. I’ll have the date of the release up soon.

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