What seems like a rarety…


Yeah, I know… I KNOW! I haven’t posted in a while. Posting on the blog has always been difficult for me. To be honest, I’d rather be writing. And I have been. But I want to start rectifying the not-posting-on-the-blog  flaw of mine, starting now.

Well, I just wanted to say I have news a couple fronts. One, I finished the novel I was talking about in late 2009, Gilead. The novel is still in the first draft stage but I am starting to move Gilead to the next development stage. Two, the other book which I finished last year, Deep in the Styx (still a working title, I think), is now in its fourth draft after numerous form letters from blind agents sent me back the writing board.

I am not easily kicked to the curb. Well… that’s not true. I easily find myself in the gutter floating along with discarded fastfood wrappers and scummy drainage water. However, I always get… back… up.

This is me getting back up. Keep watching the blog for new updates, there should be several big news items coming soon.  PROMISE! Till then…

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