Our Monster’s Sequel Update – 2nd Draft Complete


Good news to report! Today I spent the morning and afternoon editing. The hours yielded a completed second draft of the “Our Monsters” sequel, “Bad Monsters”. Scenes were cut. New scenes added. I spent a good amount of time on continuity too. There is still a lot of work left but a large chunk of the project is finished. Most of the manuscript editing from here on out is copy editing, tweaking little details that can lead to inconsistencies. Other eyes will begin to help me with these things. It’s a slow process but worth the effort.

Some writers might do multiple drafts of a manuscript, I don’t. Prior to beginning the first draft of a novel I outline the story in detail, plan the scenes, the twists and turns, and what events will grow the characters. This is why I don’t do more than two major drafts, though the manuscript’s language gets revised for readability and flow, other’s lend me a hand doing this.

More articles and reviews to come. Stay tuned. Cheers!

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