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Review: Neil Gaiman’s “Coraline”


Another review, this time Neil Gaiman’s “Coraline”. I saw the film first, which is rare since I usually read the source material before hand. Neil Gaiman is a rock star when it comes to writing, his stuff is dark, twisted, and utterly wonderful. A fan of Sandman, “American Gods”, “Neverwhere”, “Anansi’s Boys”, this book was on my […]

Review: “Harper Madigan Junior Private Detective – Dropped Diva” by Chelsea Campbell


Finished Chelsea Campbell’s newest novel, “Harper Madigan Junior Private Detective – Dropped Diva”. I am not a crime novel reader but after loving Campbell “Rise of Renegade X” novel, I had to pick this up. Plus, this is a self-published novel and I want to support the author taking that leap into the future of […]

Review: “Rise of Renegade X” by Chelsea Campbell


I finished “Rise of Renegade X” this week. It was written by a talented new writer named Chelsea Campbell. I couldn’t put the book down on Sunday, loved it. Here is how Goodreaders describes the book: Sixteen-year-old Damien Locke has a plan: major in messing with people at the local supervillain university and become a […]